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The Prophet (ﷺ) said, "The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur'an and teach it."
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As Muslim, the first thing you should read and learn is the Quran. That’s the reason for being here for you. Learning Quran starts with “Al Yasmin Academy”. We have teacher's who are certified by Al-Azhar and also fluently speaks in English and well trained to teach online.

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Al-Yasmin Academy plans to make the student’s learning experience as easy as possible with our set of programmes, each with a multi-level course,  available seven days a week for adults and children. You can choose the day and time that suit you and your child.You are invited to choose one of the following programmes and learn online with our experienced Egyptian Azhary teachers.

Quran Recitation

It is an interactive curriculum; starts by mentioning the phonetic base of the rule or the letter, and then spoken examples are given, to train the learner to distinguish the correct pronunciation from the wrong pronunciation,and to support the theoretical information that the learner acquires with mental maps, practical examples, interactive activities, and exercises.

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Quran Memorization

Memorization Curricula for Qur’an are not limited to memorization and indoctrination but the student will be provided with an explanation of the meanings of verses, the moral lessons learned from each surah, and related stories and rules of Tajweed. The curriculum has 4 levels: Introductory Level coversshortsurahs. Level 1 covers (جزء عمَّ) Juz’ Amma. Level 2 covers (جزء تبارك) Juz’ Tabarak. Level 3 covers the rest of the Qur’an.

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Noor El-Byan

Focus on mastering the letters of the Arabic Alphabet, including their sounds and shapes. Students train on distinguishing subtle differences between similar letters and their different forms depending on the position in the word. In addition, students can read words and sentences in full, thereby allowing them to read from the Quran (Mushaf) independently.

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Arabic language curriculum produced by Iqra Network; Through it, a non-Arabic speaker learns, starting with reading basics and passing through the acquisition of linguistic vocabulary and syntactic rules that enable him to form sentences, speak for himself, write well and during 550 hours, he will be able to speak Arabic like Arabic speakers, write articles, improvise and speak spontaneously for more than an hour.

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Islamic Studies

Islamic Faith is one of the main pillars in Islamic studies, So The Qur’an has given it special attention, as more than four-fifths of its verses talk about the creed, its origins, and manifestations. Therefore, creed curricula at Iqraa network were based on establishing religious constants in people’s hearts of all ages through two curricula: the first is electronic and interactive, and the second relied on authentic sources in creed books learned by the majority of students in schools and universities.

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