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About Us

As Muslim, the first thing you should read and learn is the Quran. That’s the reason for being here for you. Learning Quran starts with “Al Yasmin Academy”.

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Co-Founder / Beeply

i started this class going through personal things and trying to get closer to my religion & I found myself asking a lot of questions to my family and sometimes they wouldn’t be able to answer them so I asked my mom to find a good teacher for me who could answer my questions. i can say in full confidence that Ever since I started taking lessons with you I’ve gotten closer to Islam , like I wanted to, and many doubts I had have faded . The way you explain things is exactly how I need it to be , because sometimes the formal Arabic is hard for me to understand. I feel comfortable taking lessons with you as well as asking you any questions about the religion. I’m very thankful to have you (:.”


CEO / Newzify

“I live in the US and I have children that don't know or speak the Arabic language. They have been with previous teachers and those teachers weren't patient with my children and told me that they won't be able to learn Arabic. In addition that The teacher is very good in teaching the Arabic langauage and Islamic studies she is very patient with my kids. Now they are able to read Arabic very easily and love Islamic studies.”


Art Director / Boomerangs

“Great teacher, excellent attitude, my kids love her and they don’t complain anymore from Arabic lessons. I am so glad the Sister Yasmin is teaching my kids.”


Co-Founder / Beeply

“I like her so much. She is ontime.she care each letter whileI l recite.Ilke her for the sake of Allah.May Allah reward her thisworld and the next.Ameen”

Yasmin Taki

Co-Founder / Beeply

“She is caring and supportive to her student. My daughter likes her . I am looking forward to work her in future.”


Co-Founder / Beeply

“Overall a very kind and patient teacher.”


Co-Founder / Beeply

“Your teaching is great and you are nice and fun.”

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